Mobile Cognition Ltd

The company was set up in November 2012, continuing the business run by Brian Tiplady as a sole trader since 1998. Brian Tiplady is owner and director. The company is incorporated in Scotland, registration number SC437965.

Mobile Cognition Ltd supplies software for the assessment of cognition and performance in a research setting, and consultancy in the use and interpretation of such assessments.

Brian Tiplady has been involved in testing cognitive function for over 20 years, as a pharmaceutical industry scientist, academic researcher, test developer, and research consultant. He has been a pioneer in the development of tests for portable platforms, such as handheld PDAs, tablets, and mobile phones. 

Cognitive Test Development and Deployment

A range of automated tests is available covering the major aspects of cognitive and psychomotor performance. The tests are suitable for a wide variety of research, including

Tests have been used in commercial, academic and government research projects.

Tests are available on two platforms:

Mobile phone applications are generally supplied as packages tailored for a specific research project. New tests can be developed as required. 

A complete test battery application, PenScreenSix, is available for 7" Android tablets. This is a menu-driven system designed for use in a supervised setting.

In addition we have experience with administration of tests using the Web and with digital pens. Please contact us if you are interested in this area.

Study Design and Analysis

Advice and assistance is available on research issues related to cognitive and performance assessment. Brian Tiplady has extensive experience in areas such as


Most of the research described on this site is collaborative work. The main collaborations which have led to published work are

University of Edinburgh

Swinburne University, Melbourne

University of Liverpool

University of Bristol

Northumbria University

Police Scientific Development Branch

University of Surrey

We are always happy to discuss suggestions for collaborative work.