You can now try out the Mobile Phone Cognitive Testing application free of charge. 

This is primarily an evaluation version, but includes fully functional tests and scales:

The free version has some limitations. The tests are of fixed length (about 3 minutes each), and data options are limited to display of results on the screen. You can't transmit data over the web or store it on your phone's memory card. However the tests are the real thing, and you could use this version in small research projects, or for teaching purposes, as well as for getting to know the way the system works and whether it suits your needs.

The license allows free use of the tests, but does not permit

  • Distribution to others (please ask anyone interested to contact us for their own copy)
  • Modification in any way, or inclusion in any other product
  • Reverse engineering, decompiling, or the making of any derivative work.

For full details, click here

The version will run on any mobile phone that has Java J2ME (recommended minimum screen size 128 X 128 pixels), and requires a hardware numeric keypad.

Production versions of the test system offer data transmission via mobile internet, storage of data on the phone's file system, and customisation of test parameters, particularly test duration. We generally supply packages configured for a specific project.

Click on the link below to request a copy of the free download, or send an email with "Request Free Download" in the subject line to: