Cognitive and performance assessments on portable devices

PenScreenSix - A comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests for Android® Tablets

PenScreenSix is a test battery containing 20 performance and cognitive tasks designed to run on 7" Android® tablets. The test battery is menu-driven, and allows specification of test length, and other parameters for each test run. It is intended for use in a supervised setting for research purposes. 

PenScreenSix licenses are £150 per device, with quantity discounts available. 

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Mobile phones and smartphones

The most portable of portable devices, phones can be used to run a wide range of performance tests. Phones are suitable for studies of "everyday cognition" where a user carries the phone around and carries out assessments at different times of day. 

Test applications are generally set up for a specific project, as the configuration will depend on the research protocol. Applications can be set up either on Android® smart phones or on standard mobile phones. An evaluation application is available for a standard mobile phone.

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The tests

A core set of 14 tasks can be run on either a tablet or a mobile phone. Six additional tasks are available which require the larger display available on the tablet. 

An example of a test that can run on either platform is the arrow flanker task (left). A row of five symbols is displayed.  The central one, the target, is always an arrow, which can point either to the right or left. The other four symbols, the flankers, can be either arrows pointing in the same direction as the target (congruent); arrows pointing in the opposite direction (incongruent); or squares (neutral).  The task is harder, and reaction times correspondingly longer, with incongruent flankers.

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Brian Tiplady has provided services to academic, government and commercial clients since 1998, and carries out consultancy work of two main kinds:

1. Development of custom software for cognitive and performance assessment

2. Advice and assistance in research projects, including selection of tests, analysis of data, and interpretation of tests results

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