Number Pairs Test

This is a test of attention in the presence of distracting information. You see an array of five digits. The task is to decide if the second and fourth digits are the same, and press the YES button if so, the NO button if they are different. So ion th example on the right you should press YES

The non-target numbers (distractors) can either be the same as one or other of the targets, or different. If they are the same, the interference makes the task slightly more difficult, and response times are longer. In the example on the right you should press NO.

This is a reaction time task, so you should always respond as quickly as possible, while avoiding errors. We record the reaction times averaged over the test, and the total number of errors. We also record reaction times separately for matching distractors and non-matching distractors 

This test can be run on a tablet computer or a Java-enabled mobile phone. The test normally lasts about three minutes.

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