PenScreenSix now available for Android tablets

Tablet computers are a good choice for cognitive and performance testing where the device does not need to be carried at all times, but good portability is needed. They are particularly suitable for field work where a researcher will administer tests in non-laboratory environments such as pubs, clubs, workplaces or hospital wards. They are also suitable for laboratory work, as the screen size is adequate for a broader range of tests than mobile phones. 

We work with the Android platform for two reasons. Firstly a screen size of 7" is readily available. This combines portability and relatively low cost with a screen that is big enough for all of the tests we work with. In fact many PC tests use only a small area in the middle of the screen, often less than the size of our tablet computer. Secondly Android uses Java, which makes porting tests between platforms straightforward. 

PenScreenSix is a cognitive test battery containing 14 performance and cognitive tasks designed to run on 7" Android® tablets, such as the Google Nexus. The test battery is menu-driven, and allows specification of test length, and other parameters for each test run. It is intended for use in a supervised setting for research purposes. 



The current stable version of PenScreenSix is 6.2.1d.  Tests available in the battery are:

Arrow Flankers

Arrow Reaction Time

Continuous Attention

Continuous Performance Test 

Four-Choice Reaction Time

Little Man

Memory Scanning

N Back

Number Pairs

Rapid Visual Information Processing

Sentence Verification

Serial Sevens

Shape Pairs

Simple Reaction Time

Stop Signal Task

Symbol-Digit Substitution

Trails A and B

Visual Search

Visuospatial Working Memory

Word-Number Recall

Each test can be varied in length using the menu options. Two tests come in multiple versions - Sentence Verification (10 versions), , and Word-number recall (12 versions). Other tests generate random display sequences for each run. 

The application runs on the Android operating system version 2.0 and up. It is designed for 7" tablets such as the Google Nexus 7.

Pricing in £ (GBP):
Licenses 1-2 150.00 Per device
Licenses 3 - 10 112.50 25% discount
Licenses 11+ 75.00 50% discount

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