Word-Number Test

Eight words are paired with the numbers 1 - 8. The pairing is initially set up at random, but it doesn't change during the test. You see these pairs one at a time on the phone screen. An example is shown on the left.

After you have seen all 8 pairs and had a chance to memorise them, you are shown just the words, without the numbers, again one at a time. You respond by pressing the button for the number that went with the word - if you can remember. 

Once you have responded to all eight words, you see the word-number pairs that you didn't get right. This is called selective reminding. Again these are shown one at a time. You then get the recall sequence of just the words once again, with all 8 words, on at a time.

We score the number correct on each trial, and also record reaction times, though for this test it accuracy that is most important.

This type of selective reminding test clearly shows the effects of alcohol in the lab. To find out more, read on....